Swift engineer, educator & entrepreneur focused on SwiftUI & visionOS; passionate about the intersection of design, technology & education.


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Welcome! Since you’ve made it this far, why don’t you get to know me.


I first learned iOS development with Objective-C and Swift in 2015. After 4 years as an iOS engineer contributing to BMW’s companion app and internal tools at Apple, I pursued my other passions of design, startups, and education where I completed two graduate programs in three years while still working as a designer, engineer, and afterwards, teacher.

The potential of SwiftUI and visionOS compelled me to dive back into engineering, where I focus on clean code and modern Swift frameworks such as Swift Concurrency and Swift Data as well as best practices such as the MV architecture, thereby simplifying code and producing better products.

I find Apple’s developer ecosystem just as delightful as their consumer products. Of course with anything there is room for improvement, but what I appreciate the most about Apple is how their focus on the intersection of the humanities (liberal arts) and technology apply even to their developer tools.

I like to say that I’m fluent in Swift and SwiftUI, conversational with Javascript and Svelte, and inspired by human centered design.


I have had the privilege of teaching what I’ve learned to a variety of students. I teach both the programming language Swift and the spoken language English to students in Japan. I taught Swift at the University level, and English at the high school level. I am in the process of expanding my teaching material online.

Entrepreneur & Designer

For about 3 years, I left the world of software engineering behind to pursue a career in UX and Product Design. I learned the skills, gained a masters degree, and freelanced for a bit.

Ultimately I found my passion for startups bring me back to engineering and product management. I didn’t want to only produce concepts or even robust research documents, I wanted to build products. Ultimately I have a much better appreciation for design and apply UX practices and “design thinking” to all that I do. I look forward to a world where the silos of engineering and design break down to a more multi-disciplinary inter-connected space.

Startups and Students

My passion is to utilize my skills to improve the lives of others. I think some of the biggest problems the world faces today are wealth inequality and climate change. As it turns out, education is one of the most important steps to solving both of these, so this is why I don’t just code, I also teach.

I believe in the possibility of those who dare to think different, and so this means supporting students as well as startups who are challenging the status quo. As such, I have chosen not to pursue the corporate ladder and instead create meaningful impact by joining or creating startups or by teaching.

Douglas Hewitt @madebydouglas